About TİD3B

Many developed countries have developed virtual sign language translators to convert texts in their own language into sign language. Considering the agglutinative language structure of Turkish, it is not possible to adapt these developed systems to Turkish.

Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Family and Social Policies have important studies on Turkish sign language. However, this and similar studies show the spread of sign language; It cannot completely eliminate the communication problems in the services provided to the hearing impaired in public institutions and organizations. Developing tools that will facilitate the communication processes of deaf and hearing individuals with national means will contribute to the better benefit of hearing impaired individuals from public and private services. In this study, a 3D virtual sign language translator (TİD3b) has been developed in accordance with our country's culture, Turkish language structure and Turkish sign language. The developed TİD3b transforms Turkish texts into sign language based on the Turkish sign language dictionary (2,603 ​​words) put forward by the Ministry of National Education.

With TID3b, it is aimed to help hearing-impaired individuals understand their sources of information, to solve the communication problems they encounter while benefiting from public services, to spread Turkish sign language and to contribute to its learning by more individuals.